logo   2001 Seminar on Understanding the Enterprise Risk Management Process
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San Franisco Visitor's Bureau

Sharaton Fisherman's Wharf Hotel

San Francisco, California April 2-3, 2001


Enterprise risk management (ERM) goes beyond traditional financial risk analysis and attempts to identify and quantify all of the material risks facing an entity, including operational risk, political risk, strategic risk, environmental risk, and more. Enterprise risk management is the unifying framework that allows business executives to better comprehend the risk/return implications of the decisions they face.

This seminar will explore the many types of risk to which companies are exposed and the tools and techniques that are used to measure and manage these risks. Models from various industries, such as dynamic financial analysis (DFA), risk adjusted return on capital (RAROC), value-at-risk (VaR), and options pricing, will be presented. Speakers from the brokerage, consulting, risk management, actuarial, banking and insurance/reinsurance disciplines will share their ideas on quantitative and qualitative approaches and products for risk assessment, mitigation, and transfer. The challenges of implementing enterprise risk management will also be discussed.

Target Audience

The program is aimed at chief risk officers and actuaries at all levels who want to explore this exciting and emerging topic. It will also benefit risk managers and other professionals across a wide range of industries, who are interested in learning more about the tools and processes used to measure and manage an entity's enterprise-wide risk.