2006 Seminar on Ratemaking - March 13-14, 2006

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Seminar Overview
The 2006 Seminar on Ratemaking provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of ratemaking methods, concepts, and issues. Sessions are available for insurance professionals with ratemaking knowledge levels that vary from limited to advanced. As in past years, an introductory track is offered to aid those wanting to better understand various actuarial methods and issues. This seminar provides an opportunity for actuaries, CPCUs, and other insurance professionals to further their continuing education.

The seminar will kick off with general session featuring Robert V. James, Senior Managing Director, President, CEO, and Chief Operating Officer of Balboa Insurance Company with Michael Fusco, Executive Vice President and Chief Actuary, CNA Insurance Companies and moderated by Brian Z. Brown, Consulting Actuary, Milliman. The general session will explore ways to manage an insurer through a soft market from the perspective of both a CEO and a chief actuary.

Following the keynote address, almost 40 different concurrent sessions will be offered, covering data management and technology, workers compensation, commercial lines, personal lines, risk and capital management, regulatory, reinsurance, and specialty topics.

The seminar will conclude with a Town Hall session on the current state of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) and its future. This session should provide lively debate on the merits and conclusions of a recent U.S. Treasury study that concluded that insurers are now better able to bear unexpected losses than they were before TRIA and that a continuation of TRIA would discourage the development of private reinsurance and other risk-transfer markets for terrorism coverage.

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