2002 Seminar on Ratemaking Committee on the  
Ratemaking Seminar  

The 2002 Seminar on Ratemaking is dedicated to Philip D. Miller, who perished in the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11, 2001. Phil was a friend and colleague on the Committee on the Ratemaking Seminar.

Committee on the Ratemaking Seminar

Robert J. Walling, Chairperson
Linda Kay Torkelson, Co-Chairperson

Kimberly Bowen
Brian Z. Brown
Alan M. Crowe
James R. Davis
Paula L. Elliot
Beth E. Fitzgerald
Mary T. Hosford
Peter H. James
Tim F. Koester
Robert J. Larson
Philip D. Miller
William J. Miller
Jay A. Rosen
James B. Rowland
Harold N. Schneider
Mark W. Scully
Marlene D. Soper
Klayton N. Southwood
Scott D. Vandermyde
John J. Winkleman
Robert F. Wolf

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