logo Seminar on Dynamic Financial Analysis
July 17-18, 2000
New York Marriott Marquis Hotel
New York, New York
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New York Marriott Marquis Hotel

Committee on the Dynamic Financial Analysis Seminar


The goal of the DFA seminar is to enhance the actuary's role in the strategic planning process by integrating traditionally less familiar asset-based concepts with the more familiar liability concepts. Monday morning will feature the keynote speaker, Peter L. Bernstein, a noted economic consultant to institutional investors and corporations, and one of the most sought-after speakers in the financial services sector. Mr. Bernstein's latest book, entitled Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk, has been widely acclaimed in many sectors of the financial services industry, and was reviewed in the Actuarial Review in 1999. His speech will address, among other topics, his thoughts on the convergence of financial and insurance markets, and how this will impact the measurement and management of risk.

This year, the seminar will highlight the numerous recent contributions of authors responding to the CAS Call for Discussion Papers on DFA: Evaluation of Strategic Alternatives and Presentations and Conclusions of DFA. The seminar will also include an expanded introductory DFA track and other tracks geared toward tactical and strategic uses of DFA and the perspectives of "outsiders" on DFA. These sessions will provide numerous examples of how primary and reinsurance company personnel have utilized DFA applications.

Target Audience

In addition to furthering the educational pursuits of actuaries of all experience levels on practical DFA applications, it also will present some of the latest research on DFA from the academic arena. The American Risk & Insurance Association is also a sponsor of the 2000 CAS DFA Seminar.