Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar

The Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar (CLRS) provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of significant issues in loss reserving. The program includes a range of topics to interest professionals and students in a number of related disciplines. Moreover, the seminar meets the continuing education needs of actuaries and other professionals whose responsibilities include loss reserving.
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The seminar is recommended for risk and insurance managers, actuaries, accountants, underwriters, insurance regulators, and others who require an understanding of recent state-of-the-art developments, as well as traditional loss reserve methods and models. Sessions on advanced reserving topics and dynamic financial analysis are designed for experienced loss reserving professionals.

Intermediate reserving topics are recommended for individuals already familiar with basic evaluation techniques who wish to increase their knowledge of loss reserve methods and models. Sessions on basic reserving topics are recommended for individuals with limited experience evaluating loss reserves. In addition, a wide range of special topics will interest the general audience at all levels of experience.

The seminar follows a format of panel sessions, many using slides and printed handouts to augment the presentations. Illustrative numerical examples are used whenever possible. Audience participation is encouraged.

Limited Attendance Seminar on Asset Liability Management and Principles of Finance

This limited attendance seminar (LAS) acquaints CAS members with both basic and advanced topics in the areas of finance and financial risk management and their applications to the pricing and analysis of property/casualty insurance.

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