2004 CAS/CIA Joint Meeting

Bruce Kirkby Bruce Kirkby
Bruce Kirkby is one of a new breed of extreme explorers, adventurers and photographers.

In February 1999 Bruce and his two partners, Jamie and Leigh Clarke, three Bedouin men, and twelve camels completed a forty day trek of the Arabian peninsula. In the process they followed in the footsteps of the legendary explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger, who made the first and only other camel crossing of the Empty Quarter's massive eastern sands fifty years earlier.

Following that, in September 1999, Bruce joined a National Geographic/MountainTravel*Sobek expedition which followed the course of the Blue Nile Gorge from Lake Tana in Ethiopia's highlands for over 900 kilometers to the Sudanese border. The month long trekking and rafting journey, complete with gunfights and crocodile attacks, covered sections of the remote canyon that had not been traveled in over thirty years since Blatchford-Snell's British Army expedition in 1968.

As an incredible wilderness guide, Bruce has led many trips to the world's most remote and exotic locations. He has headed trips to the islands and fiords of British Columbia, the rivers of Guatemala, the cayes of Belize's great barrier reef, as well as many of Canada's remote northern rivers. As a mountaineer he has climbed peaks throughout North America and around the world, twice reaching the summit of Mt. McKinley (North America's highest summit), and joining a 1997 Canadian expedition to Mt. Everest.

In 1997 Maclean's magazine printed several of Bruce's photographs from the Mt. Everest expedition as part of a cover story, and his images received their first major exposure. Since then his award winning photographs have appeared widely, in publications such as American Photo, Men's Fitness, Outside and Explore.

Bruce has completed his first book, an account of the Arabian journey, Sand Dance, By Camel Across Arabia's Great Southern Desert.

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