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Predictive Modeling- 2006 Exhibitors

OCTOBER 4-5, 2006

2006 Exhibitors

The CAS wishes to thank the following organizations for their generous support of the 2006 Special Interest Seminar on Predictive Modeling. Please take a few moments to visit the exhibitors near the CAS Registration Desk in The Westin Copley Place, Boston.

EMB America

EMB America LLC Logo

EMB America is part of the worldwide EMB family. EMB offers a full range of consulting services to an extensive worldwide client base and is widely recognized for providing expert advice and developing innovative solutions. The EMB family is dedicated to the concept of "Knowledge Transfer," which means EMB not only solves problems facing our clients, but also gives companies the tolls and knowledge to handle similar problems in the future. To that end, EMB has developed state-of-the-art software products that companies can license to address a variety of issues including:

  • ResQ-the complete loss reserving tool
  • EMBLEM-a GLM tool for risk, marketing and claims modeling
  • Rate Assessor-a pricing implementation tool
  • Classifier-a toll for high-dimensional variables like territorial boundary analysis
  • IGLOO-a financial simulation for enterprise risk modeling
  • And others…

Please stop by our booth for more information about our products and/or services


ISO Logo

ISO is a leading source of information about risk. Our products and services help customers measure, manage, and reduce risk. And we're the property/casualty insurance industry's leading supplier of statistical, actuarial, underwriting, and claims information. ISO's innovative products and services go beyond our traditional loss costs, forms, and manuals. Our breadth of data and expertise have allowed us to develop unique solutions and analytics including predictive modeling, a customized loss reserving tool, risk and capital management, fraud fighting tools, reinsurance products, and more. Stop by the ISO exhibit to learn how you can put ISO to work for you.

Northstar International Insurance Recruiters, Inc.

Northstar International is an exclusive property and casualty insurance recruiting firm. Our specialty for over 20 years has focused exclusively on recruiting property and casualty actuaries. Today, there are dynamic global changes taking place in the insurance industry. New markets are opening up and new companies forming strategic alliances. Our clients look to us to help fuel their expansion by recruiting the best candidates with a history of proven performance.

Northstar believes in consulting to a core group of clients. We will not be everything to everyone. Our goal is to serve fewer clients and to become a larger and more integral part of our client's management team.

Northstar's success is measured by our long-term relationships that we have earned one placement at a time. We spend an equal amount of time in our search process in understanding your corporate goals and identifying peak performers who will flourish in your environment. The result is recruiting brilliance.

Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc.

Pinnacle Logo

Discover new and unrealized market potential with Pinnacle Actuarial Resources' comprehensive line of actuarial and management services and products.

As a recognized Firm of Choice in consulting and predictive modeling for pricing, underwriting and marketing, Pinnacle has secured its place on the industry's cutting edge. The firm continues to uncover new possibilities in personal lines, commercial auto, small business, workers' compensation pricing and product development applications.

Pinnacle expertly addresses each client's unique and ever-changing needs. Client experience, along with forward-thinking actuarial modeling and the latest technology have inspired these exciting new products:

  • SummitTM reveals new territorial potential through a boundary development software that provides the ability to both smooth and cluster ZIP code or census block experience.
  • A Focused Market Analysis Product that exposes true market penetration by detailed market segments with a comprehensive set of data analytics and mapping tools.
  • ISS Fast Track merges a new cost and frequency Excel-based trend data product with Pinnacle's actuarial expertise. Developed by Independent Statistical Service, Inc. (formerly known as NAII) and Pinnacle, ISS Fast Track makes data more accessible and useful.

To learn more about Pinnacle's services and new products please visit the Pinnacle booth.

StatSoft, Inc.

Statsoft Logo

Firms in the insurance industry maintain enormous amounts of data about the activities and preferences of their customers. They must convert this large amount of raw data into intelligence about customers, markets, and competitors, in order to develop new products and services to meet customers needs. By recognizing subtle patterns within terabytes of data, STATISTICA Data Miner allows companies to predict customers' behaviors and responses before they happen, along with identifying hard to find yet costly events such as fraud, delinquency, and noncompliance.

Areas of Application include:

    Claims analysis
    Predict which customers will buy new policies
    Claim estimation
    Identify behavior patterns of risky customers
    Identify fraudulent and abusive billing practices
    and more ...

StatSoft, Inc. (, founded in 1984, is one of the largest producers of enterprise and desktop software for Data Analysis, Data Mining, Quality Control/Six Sigma, and Web-based Analytics. Its products are used worldwide at most major universities, corporations, and government agencies and are supported with training and consulting services by a worldwide network of StatSoft offices in 22 countries on all continents.

Valen Technologies

Valen Technologies Logo

Valen Technologies is the expert in predictive analytics for the insurance industry. Valen delivers a highly automated process to validate and enrich data, create and deploy predictive models, develop reports and monitor the models in production. Valen's solution quickly produces a robust, multivariate, nonlinear predictive model using a company's historical data infused with derived data and data from Valen's External Data Warehouse (EDW). Valen helps its customers improve core business decisions to ultimately increase profitability.

To learn more about predictive modeling and Valen Technologies, visit or call 720-570-3333.

Watson Wyatt Worldwide

Watson Wyatt Worldwide Logo

Watson Wyatt's Insurance & Financial Services practice offers a range of P&C consulting services and state-of-the-art software solutions in areas such as ratemaking and product design, claims reserving, risk management, and dynamic analysis.

We have assisted many clients across the U.S. and worldwide in using predictive modeling techniques through a three-pronged offering of: our Watson Wyatt Pretium ® modeling software, customized consulting services, and a transfer of knowledge philosophy. Our U.S. P&C team has provided support for clients ranging from U.S. top 10 carriers to small regional insurers. Our client contacts include actuaries, underwriters, statisticians, product managers and marketing managers, to name a few.

Our consulting services are tailored to each client's needs. Our engagements range from minimal support in the way of peer reviewing a client's modeling work to more comprehensive engagements involving Watson Wyatt undertaking an independent and comprehensive analysis of the data - as well as support surrounding data preparation, project planning, developing tools to understand model results, assisting with internal and external communications, etc.

Watson Wyatt Pretium ® software delivers powerful multivariate modeling and projection capabilities. Its custom-built and fast GLM routine analyzes how claim costs and policyholder retention/conversion are affected by rating variables and other characteristics. It also helps to assess the effect of geography and to re-define territorial boundaries using a range of spatial smoothing methods. Pretium can then combine these analyses to project, at an individual policy level, the impact of different rating actions to aid in selecting effective rate changes. Pretium also contains price optimization algorithms that select rating actions over time that best meet a company's strategic objectives - for example, maximizing profit subject to a specified minimum volume of business.

Pretium has over 400 users in over 100 companies across 38 countries (about a third of which are in the U.S. and Canada). More information can be found at

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