Casualty Actuarial Society

Reserves Committee

The Reserves Committee addresses actuarial issues related to reserves associated with property and casualty exposures including loss and loss adjustment expense reserves, premium reserves and other contingent reserves. The committee's charge includes furthering the development and dissemination of reserving theory, principles and practices; identifying reserving topics for research and discussion; and monitoring professional development and regulatory activities. The committee strives to maintain a balanced and diverse membership in terms of geography, employment (insurer/consultant/regulator), and background (personal/commercial/reinsurance) with significant and current reserving experience being a pre-requisite for membership.

  • Reserves Committee Subgroups and Working Parties
    • Bornhuetter-Ferguson: Initial Expected Losses Working Party - A working party created to produce a paper regarding the initial expected loss assumption in the Bornhuetter-Ferguson reserving method.
    • Reserving Practice Area Web Page Subgroup – A subgroup created to keep the reserving areas of the CAS Web site, including committee pages and practice areas, updated.
    • Reserving Research Hall of Fame Subgroup – A subgroup created to manage the process for the Reserving Research Hall of Fame.
      • Roster
        Jon Michelson, Chairperson
        Denise Ambrosio
        Marcela Granados
        Aaron Halpert
        Julie Lederer
        Marc Pearl