Casualty Actuarial Society


About CAS Special Interest Sections

  • A Special Interest Section is a means for members of the Casualty Actuarial Society to organize the study and discussion of their common functional and/or professional interests.
  • A Section is intended to contribute information on these interests to the actuarial profession through special meetings, seminars, and research projects.
  • Sections are organized only after the approval of the Board of Directors and remain subordinate organizations of the Society. They are self-supporting and open to all members of the Society without regard to their prior experience or training.
  • Subscribers to the Society's Subscriber Program may also become subscribers to a Section. Other non-members of the Society who meet the requirements of each Section as defined in its Constitution may also become subscribers to a Section.
  • Information regarding the requirements to organize a Special Interest Section of the Casualty Actuarial Society may be obtained from the Director of Finance and Operations.

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