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  • Committee on Ratemaking
    • The Committee on Ratemaking addresses actuarial issues of property and casualty insurance ratemaking including risk classification. The committee's charge includes furthering the development and dissemination of ratemaking theory and principles; identifying topics for research and discussion; monitoring professional developments and regulatory activities; and sponsoring panels, seminars, and other public forums on ratemaking issues.
  • Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar Planning
    • The Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar Planning Committee is responsible for developing a program for the annual Ratemaking and Product Management Seminar.
  • Interested in volunteering? Please contact Karen Sonnet vis email at


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  1. Generalized Linear Models for Insurance Rating
    Generalized linear models have been in use for over thirty years, and there is no shortage of textbooks and scholarly articles on their underlying theory and application in solving any number of useful problems. Actuaries have for many years used …
  2. Pitfalls of Predictive Modeling
    This paper provides an accessible account of potential pitfalls in the use of predictive models in property and casualty insurance. With a series of entertaining vignettes, it illustrates what can go wrong. The paper should leave the reader with a …
  3. The Optimal Number of Quantiles for Predictive Performance Testing of the NCCI Experience Rating Plan
    Quantile testing is a key technique for fitting parameters and testing performance in workers compensation experience rating and the number of quantile intervals must be specified for such a test. A model is developed to compare the error in the …
  4. Credibility and Other Modeling Considerations for Loss Development Factors
    In this paper, we discuss various credibility and modeling strategies for loss development factors. We present several improvements to the popular inverse power curve to help it better fit to the data. Using a basic approach to credibility …
  5. Insurance Ratemaking and a Gini Index
    Welfare economics uses Lorenz curves to display skewed income distributions and Gini indices to summarize the skewness. This article extends the Lorenz curve and Gini index by ordering insurance risks; the ordering variable is a risk-based score …

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Current Actuarial Review (Vol. 42, No.2, March – April 2015)

  • The CAS: A Global Organization
  • What a Difference 40 Years Make
  • Editor's Note: A Theme Emerges



CAS Presents an Overview on Price Optimization

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Posted on 07/26/2016
By Wayne Fisher

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