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Final Report of the Advisory Committee on Enterprise Risk Management

The Advisory Committee on Enterprise Risk Management conducted a thorough and systematic assessment of the research and education needs of the CAS on the subject of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) - the centerpiece of which was a formal survey of the CAS membership - and developed a set of specific recommendations to meet those needs.

The Final Report of the Advisory Committee on Enterprise Risk Management contains the Committee's charge, work process, results, recommendations, and additional thoughts. The recommendations are highlighted in this Executive Summary. The report was accepted by the CAS Executive Council in December 2001.

Click here to download the entire Report, including appendices, or click the links below to view individual sections of the Report.

Table of Contents

Final Report

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Our Charge
  3. Our Work Process and Results
  4. Our Recommendations
  5. Concluding Comments


  1. ERM Framework
  2. ERM Survey Report
  3. ERM Bibliography
  4. ERM Learning Objectives

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