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Exam 3L
Models for Life Contingencies and Statistics

Exam 3L is a two-and-a-half-hour, multiple-choice exam on life contingencies and statistics. A thorough knowledge of calculus, probability, and interest theory is assumed. Knowledge of risk management at the level of Exam 1/P is also assumed. This examination develops the candidate's knowledge of the theoretical basis of contingent payment models and the application of those models to insurance risks.

The candidate will be required to develop an understanding of contingent payment models. The candidate will be expected to understand what important results can be obtained from these models for the purpose of making business decisions, and what approaches can be used to determine these results.

Registration, Dates & Fees

Exam 3L was administered for the last time in October 2013. Starting in 2014 Exam 3L was replaced by Exams ST and LC.

Exam Rules

Exam 3L is subject to the same Exam Rules as other CAS-administered exams (Exams 3L - 9).

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