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Complete Online Text References for Exam 7

Text references are alphabetized by the citation column. To view a PDF or webpage in a new tab/window, right-click the link and choose "Open in New Tab/Window."

Download a Complete PDF of all Online Text References [PDF] - This file is 16 MB. It may take time to download.

Citation Abbreviation Learning Objective Source
Brosius, E., "Loss Development Using Credibility," CAS Study Note, March 1993. Brosius A1 OP
Clark, D.R., "LDF Curve Fitting and Stochastic Reserving: A Maximum Likelihood Approach," Casualty Actuarial Society Forum, Fall 2003. Clark A2-A3 OP
Goldfarb, R. "P&C Insurance Company Valuation," CAS Study Note, October 2010. Goldfarb B1-B3 OP
Hürlimann, W., "Credible Loss Ratio Claims Reserves: The Benktander, Neuhaus and Mack Methods Revisited," ASTIN Bulletin 39(1), 2009, pp. 81-99. Candidates are not responsible for mathematical proofs. For candidates attempting to replicate Numerical Examples in Section 7, corrected tables can be found here. Hürlimann A1 OP
Mack, T., "Measuring the Variability of Chain Ladder Reserve Estimates," Casualty Actuarial Society Forum, Spring 1994. Mack (1994) A2-A3 OP
Mack, T. "Credible Claims Reserve: The Benktander Method," ASTIN Bulletin, 2000, pp. 333-337. Mack (2000) A1 OP
Marshall, K.; Collings, S.; Hodson, M.; and O'Dowd, C., "A Framework for Assessing Risk Margins," Institute of Actuaries of Australia 16th General Insurance Seminar, 9-12 November 2008, Coolum, Australia. Marshall et al. A5-A10 OP
Meyers, G., "Stochastic Loss Reserving Using Bayesian MCMC Models," CAS Monograph #1. Meyers (2015) A5-A10 OP
Patrik, G.S., "Reinsurance," Foundations of Casualty Actuarial Science, Fourth Edition, Casualty Actuarial Society, 2001, Chapter 7, pp. 434-464 (section on Reinsurance Loss Reserving). Patrik A11-A13 OP
Sahasrabuddhe, R., "Claims Development by Layer: The Relationship between Claims Development Patterns, Trend and Claim Size Models," Casualty Actuarial Society E-Forum, Fall 2010, Volume 1 (revised January 2, 2013). Including errata. Sahasrabuddhe A4 OP
Shapland, M., "Using the ODP Bootstrap Model: A Practitioner's Guide," CAS Monograph #4. Supplementary modeling files linked on pages 61-62 will aid in understanding of the method's application. Shapland A5-A10 OP
Siewert, J.J., "A Model for Reserving Workers Compensation High Deductibles," Casualty Actuarial Society Forum, Summer 1996, pp. 217-244. Siewert A4 OP
Teng, M.T.S. and Perkins, M.E., "Estimating the Premium Asset on Retrospectively Rated Policies," PCAS LXXXIII, 1996, pp. 611-647, excluding Section 5. Including discussion of paper: Feldblum, S., PCAS LXXXV, 1998, pp. 274-315, Sections 1 and 2 only. Candidates will not be held responsible for specific Annual Statement notation but will be responsible for concepts presented. Teng and Perkins A14 OP
Venter, G.G., "Testing the Assumptions of Age-to-Age Factors," PCAS LXXXV, 1998, pp. 807-847. Venter Factors A2-A3 OP
Verrall, R.J., "Obtaining Predictive Distributions for Reserves Which Incorporate Expert Opinion," Variance, Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2007, Casualty Actuarial Society. Including errata. Verrall A5-A10 OP

Source Key

  • OP — Online publication — available at no charge and is linked from the text references section above.

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