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As an educational aid to candidates of the Casualty Actuarial Society, the following study tools have been provided.

Update to the Syllabus
This section contains important updates to the CAS Syllabus of Examinations

The Importance of Adverbs on Exams
During the creation of the CAS exams, the writers, Part Chairs, and General Officers pore over the meaning of every word in each question to ensure that the question is not ambiguous and that it prompts the test-taker to provide enough information to demonstrate required mastery of the relevant subject material.

Past Exams and Pass Marks
The sample essay answers for Exams 5-9 are actual responses that have received credit and are illustrative of successful answers, although they may not be considered perfect answers. For past exams, candidates should keep in mind that the questions were based on the syllabus in effect for that particular examination and may not reflect the current syllabus.

E-mail Study Groups
The CAS has available e-mail study groups for those preparing for all CAS examinations. Study group messages are archived as well.

Actual Candidate Papers as a Study Aid
Four actual candidate papers from Fall 2008 are posted to give candidates greater insight into how papers are scored so that they can better craft exam responses that maximize credit.

Future Fellows Newsletter
The June and December issues of Future Fellows contain contact information about independent vendors who provide review materials or seminars for those studying for CAS examinations.

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