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In principle and in practice, the CAS is the gold standard for the property and casualty actuarial profession. With 100 years of experience and expertise, the CAS continues to focus on comprehensive exams and education that are uniquely relevant to property and casualty actuaries. Our CAS credentialing program is the program of choice for attracting top candidates and meeting employers' needs.

2018 CAS Path to Success

* The CAS will honor credits from candidates who pass examinations offered by other organizations that cover our CAS learning objectives for CAS Exams 1, 2, 3F, and 4 as well as the VEES. These organizations include but are not limited to: Society of Actuaries, Canadian Institute of Actuaries, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK), Actuaries Institute (Australia), Actuarial Society of South Africa, and Institute of Actuaries of India. For example, requirements for CAS Exams 1, 2, 3F and 4 can be fulfilled by passing the Society of Actuaries' Exams P, FM, MFE, and C, respectively.

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