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To encourage candidates to discuss study techniques, syllabus material, and other exam related information, e-mail study groups have been established for Courses/Exams 1-4 that are jointly administered by the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries, as well as for CAS Exams 5-9. Email studygroups for the VEE Transistional Exams have been switched off with the end of the jointly administered VEE Exams.

Subscribers to the lists are free to discuss any topic that might be of interest to people who are preparing for the respective examination. Please read the List Guidelines and Disclaimer prior to subscribing. Those subscribing to the list are expected to adhere to the guidelines.

Instructions are available on how to use the e-mail Study Groups.

To join an e-mail Study Group, follow the instructions below.

If you agree to the Guidelines, click the subscribe button, select standard or digest mode (see the instructions for more information on standard versus digest mode), and select the study group or groups that you would like to subscribe to. Then enter your first name, last name, and email address and click "I ACCEPT". You will receive a confirmation e-mail to verify that you have subscribed. The e-mail will include a set of instructions and the list guidelines. Users may also unsubscribe from study groups through this form.

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