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CAS Asia Course on Professionalism Announcement

Tianjin, China
July 23-24, 2018

The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) is pleased to offer a Course on Professionalism (COP) in Tianjin, China on July 23-24 2018 with the School of Finance of Nankai University as the cooperative supporting organization. The Course which will be conducted in English will be held at the:

    Classrooms 305 (main classroom), 306 (breakout room)
    School of Finance, Jinnan Campus, Nankai University
    38 Tongyan Road, Haihe River Education Park, Tianjin 300350, China

(Please note that Nankai University has three campuses: 1. Balitai Campus 2. Jinnan New Campus(津南新校区) 3. TEDA Campus The Jinnan New Campus(津南新校区) is where the COP will be held.)


To be eligible for this CAS Course on Professionalism, a candidate must be residing in Asia and have credit for any five (5) actuarial exams in the current education structure-regardless of Internet courses or VEE status. Candidates may register online.


All registered candidates will be required to view presentations on each of the ASOPs before attending the in-person course. These presentations, termed e-modules, consist of a series of slides with audio to guide you through the ASOP presentations. Each presentation contains questions placed throughout the slides that will need to be answered correctly in order to proceed and complete the presentation. Completion of each e-module for each candidate will be tracked by the CAS; in order to successfully complete the Course on Professionalism all presentations must be viewed by Friday, June 1. A link for these presentations will be emailed to you post registration. This requirement will take approximately 2.75 hours in total to complete. Additional pre readings will need to be completed in addition to the e-module requirement.


All candidates are expected to be on time for all sessions and remain at the Course until the end of the second day in order to receive credit for the Course. The Course will start at 9:00 AM each day and end at 5:00 PM.


Attendance for the Tianjin, China Course is limited to 40 participants. Course applications will be accepted in the order in which they are received, and a confirmation will be emailed to registrants after the registration payment is processed. Please allow the CAS office one week to process your registration. A receipt will be sent via email to all registrants. It is advisable to not make your travel arrangements until receiving confirmation of successful registration. If you are concerned about your registration reaching the CAS Office in a timely fashion, please register online. The registration fee for the Tianjin, China COP is $425 (US).


Registration fees will be refunded for cancellations received by May 15, 2018 less a US$100 processing fee. Only written cancellations will be honored, and they will be accepted by fax at +1 (703) 276-3108 or by email to


The attire for the Course is business casual (no denim and no shorts), and as the room temperatures vary, we recommend that you bring a light sweater or jacket to the Course. PURPOSE Candidates must successfully complete the Course on Professionalism to achieve the designation: Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society.


The Course on Professionalism is designed to make the candidate aware of the requirements of the CAS, CIA, and AAA regarding the conduct of the actuary in the performance of his or her duties. After working through the pre-work and taking the Course, the candidate completing the Course should know:

  1. What the Code of Professional Conduct is and how to apply it in everyday work.
  2. The importance of the applicability of the Code of Professional Conduct to members of the profession at all levels and areas of practice.
  3. What Standards of Practice and Statements of Principles are, which are applicable to the casualty actuary, and who is responsible for promulgating them.
  4. The potential consequences of violations of the Code of Professional Conduct or Standards of Practice.
  5. The function of the Actuarial Standards Board and the Actuarial Board for Counseling and Discipline (ABCD).
  6. How to contact the ABCD for counseling or to report possible violations.
  7. The requirements for continuing professional education including the Qualification Standards for actuaries issuing Statements of Actuarial Opinion.

You are invited to register for the CAS Course on Professionalism. For registration details:

Register Now


Nankai University Jinnan Campus and COP venue location map:

Recommended accommodation:

    南开大学 专家公寓
    Address: 中国天津市海河教育园区同砚路38号南开大学津南校区专家公寓
    Specialist Apartment
    Jinnan Campus, Nankai University
    38 Tongyan Road, Haihe River Education Park, Tianjin 300350, China
    Phone: +86 22 8535 8917
    Please book your room directly with the Specialist Apartment.

    Room rate:
    RMB$428 per night

At the time of reservation, please remember to mention you will be going to the School of Finance for training.

You need to pay the room charges on check-in day. The property has to be paid directly by cash or credit card.

Breakfast is not included. You can have breakfast at 学生第一食堂 (canteen). It takes around 5 minutes to walk from 專家公寓 (Specialist Apartment) to the canteen.

It is a 10-minute walk from 專家公寓 (Specialist Apartment) to the School of Finance Classrooms 305 and 306, as the distance is less than 500m.

Transportation from airport to COP venue:

It is recommended that you catch a TAXI from天津滨海国际机场 (Tianjin Binhai International Airport, TSN) to the COP venue which is about 30 km away. The taxi ride can take from 45-60 minutes depending on traffic conditions. The taxi fare should be about RMB$60-80. You can ask the taxi driver to drop you off at the Specialist Apartment or the COP venue.

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