Spring 2000
Syllabus Note
by Gail M. Ross, FCAS, Chairperson, CAS Syllabus Committee

The "Report of the CAS Task Force on Education" states that the revised syllabus and examination structure will be finalized in December 1998. This presents a challenge to members of the CAS Syllabus Committee. During a cycle that would normally be dedicated to producing the 1999 Syllabus of Examinations, the 2000 Syllabus will become the major focus. The Syllabus Committee will intensify its efforts to accommodate this milestone.

We will reorganize the committee configuration to accommodate the new examination structure. Committee members will begin reviewing materials to put flesh on the skeletal outline presented in the "Report." New papers may be commissioned to ensure that all topics on the 2000 Syllabus will be adequately covered.

A practical consequence of the concentration on the 2000 Syllabus is that it is expected that there will be minimal changes to the 1999 Syllabus.