September 1997 For the Candidates of the Casualty Actuarial Society Volume 3, No. 3

Important Dates to Remember

Fall Examination Deadlines

Registration Deadline for Fall Examinations
September 18, 1997

Deadline for Change of Examination Center and Late Registration
October 7, 1997

Refund Request Deadline
November 10, 1997

Analysis Request Deadline
January 30, 1998


Spring 2000
CAS Unveils New Examination Structure

The CAS will implement a revised examination structure beginning with the CAS Spring 2000 Examinations. Highlights of the changes include the following:

  • The Syllabus will have nine examinations instead of ten.
  • Partitioning will be eliminated.
  • Parts 1 and 2 will be combined into a single exam. The statistics portion of Part 2 will be reduced and moved to Exam 3 of the revised Syllabus.
  • Numerical analysis Part 3C) will be deleted.
  • Nation-specific material will be combined and placed onto a single exam (Exam 7). This will facilitate a more international syllabus.
  • Increased emphasis will be placed on assets, investments, valuation, and dynamic financial analysis.
  • Material emphasizing memorization of facts will be deleted or reduced.
These changes are contained in the "Report of the CAS Task Force on Education." Steven Lehmann, chairperson of the Task Force, presented the report to the CAS Board of Directors in May. Board members accepted the recommendations as the direction of the CAS for the education of the casualty actuary of the future. The Executive Council made a final review in late June and released the official version which contains background information, the educational principles developed to guide the review process, and details of the recommendations including the transition rules and timetable.

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