Candidate Priorities

Various CAS committees are working on different aspects of the admissions process to improve the curriculum's content and assessment methods. Information about education issues is available online (see the Survey on CAS Professional Skills or Reports on Education and Examination in the Exams section).

The Candidate Liaison Committee is interested in knowing what aspects of the admissions process you feel are most in need of attention. Please indicate the top five items that you believe should be addressed by the CAS by placing a #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5 in the box next to the item. If one of your top five concerns is not listed, please indicate it in the text box at the end of the survey.

Thank you!

Total number of exams passed (including joint exams):

Changes to the syllabus should be announced no less than one year in advance.
Changes to the syllabus should be made frequently to keep up with the changing world in which actuaries work.
Learning objectives for each exam should be published.
Offer upper-level exams twice a year.
Offer open-book exams.
Use "bank" of test questions to avoid trivial questions.
Offer exams via the Internet.
Offer exams "on demand" via the Internet.
Allow use of personal computers during exams.
Publish copies of all joint examinations.
Publish the answer key for short answers with references to syllabus material.