March 2000 For the Candidates of the Casualty Actuarial Society Volume 6, No. 1

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2000 Exam Format Announced

The question format for CAS Spring Exams 5, 7-Canada, 7-US, and 8 will contain a mixture of true/false, multiple-choice, and essay questions. For a specific exam, any of the syllabus material may be tested using one or more of these types of questions. In addition, material from various sections of the exam's syllabus may be tested together on an individual question. As an example, on new Exam 5, there may be questions that combine material that in past years was tested separately on the Part 3B and Part 6 exams. These questions may be true/false, multiple-choice, or essay.

Spotlight on CAS Members

New Vice President-Admissions
Begins Term

By Steve D. Armstrong, FCAS, and Shantelle A. Johnson
Student Liaison Committee

In keeping with the Student Liaison Committee's mission to educate and communicate with candidates of the Casualty Actuarial Society, we are introducing a new feature to Future Fellows. In each issue we will interview an outstanding member of the CAS and report on their goals, their vision for the future of the CAS, and other relevant topics.

Our first interview is with Mary Frances Miller, who became Vice President-Admissions at the conclusion of the CAS Annual Meeting in November 1999.
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Important Dates to Remember...

Fall 1999 Appeals Deadline
March 1, 2000

Spring 2000 Registration Deadline
Exams 5, 7, 8: March 23, 2000
Joint Exams 1-4: April 1, 2000
There is only one deadline for each set of exams. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Change of Center Deadline
Exams 5, 7, 8: March 23, 2000
Joint Exams 1-4: April 1, 2000

Deadline for Refund Requests
June 30, 2000

CAS Seminars and Meetings

Seminar on Ratemaking
March 9-10, 2000
Hotel del Coronado
San Diego, California


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