Update on E-mail Study Groups

By J. Michael Boa
CAS Communications and Research Coordinator

E-mail study groups were established in January 1998 to provide candidates a means of communicating with others preparing for CAS examinations. Each exam part has its own e-mail list that allows candidates to share sample exam questions and solutions over the Internet. Candidates in small companies or at overseas locations, who otherwise would have little or no contact with other exam-takers, have found the service most useful. Since their inception, nearly 1,500 e-mail messages have been distributed over these lists.

Based on feedback from users, the Committee on Online Services has made a slight change in the administration of the e-mail lists. Previously, candidates who wanted to be removed from an e-mail list following an exam sitting needed to manually unsubscribe from the list. This process is no longer necessary. Following the Spring 1999 exam sitting, all e-mail list subscribers were automatically removed from their subscribed list.

Those who wish to participate in an e-mail study group must subscribe to the appropriate list prior to each exam sitting. E-mail lists are available for CAS Fall 1999 exams 3B, 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, 7, and 9. To join an e-mail study group, complete the online form at http://www.casact.org/admissions/index.cfm?fa=studygroups.

Subscribers will receive an e-mail confirming they have been added to the e-mail list. All messages sent through the e-mail study groups are archived in the Study Tools section of the CAS Web Site. Candidates with questions may contact Mike Boa at mboa@casact.org.