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Details Released for September CBT
Administration of Exam 1/P

Exam 1/P on Probability will be offered by computer-based testing (CBT) during the three-day period of September 26-28, 2005, in Canada and the United States and on September 26, 2005, in all other locations. (In the small number of areas without access to CBT, candidates will take an Internet-based test that will be held on September 26, 2005.) The subsequent administration of Exam 1/P will be in February 2006 with testing periods planned for May, August, and November 2006.

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries, Casualty Actuarial Society, and Society of Actuaries, joint sponsors of the exam, have moved Exam 1/P to CBT because it will give candidates more frequent opportunities to take this exam within a standardized environment. After the first few administrations, it is anticipated that grades will be available upon completion of the computer-based test. For the September 2005 administration, however, the grades will be mailed in the traditional manner, approximately six weeks after the exams are administered.

The registration deadline for the September administration for Exam 1/P will be July 22, 2005. Grades from the Spring 2005 administration are scheduled to be released on July 8, 2005. Candidates who wait until Spring grades are released to register must send their registrations by courier to reach Preliminary Actuarial Examinations (SOA office) by Friday, July 22, 2005.

The exam fee for the September 2005 administration of Exam 1/P is $175. The fee incorporates the additional expenses associated with the expanded development and the computer delivery process in a network of professional test centers. The refund policy for CBT is different from the policy used for other actuarial exams. Any candidate who submits an application for Exam 1/P and subsequently decides not to take the examination may receive a refund (less the $60 administrative fee) only by doing both of the following:

  • Cancel the appointment by noon of the third business day (includes Saturdays) before the test appointment. For example, to cancel an examination for Tuesday, a candidate must notify the test center by noon on the Friday before the Tuesday appointment.
  • Submit a refund request by e-mail (CBTrefund@soa.org) to Preliminary Actuarial Examinations by noon of the third business day before the test appointment. Examination fee refunds will be issued following the testing administration.
Any refund request submitted later than noon of the third business day before the test appointment will not be considered.

Thomson Prometric, which operates an international network of testing centers, will host the CBT administration of Exam 1/P. Thomson Prometric offers high-quality test site environments and experiences for candidates. The professional test center staff will verify your identity and assist in the sign-in and on-time seating process. The centers are secure and provide an environment that is clean, temperature controlled, and quiet.

CBT Registration: Easy as 1, 2, 3
1. Send Application to Preliminary Actuarial Exams
A candidate submits an application form with payment to Preliminary Actuarial Exams in the traditional manner. All applications must reach Preliminary Actuarial Exams at the SOA office by July 22, 2005. A candidate with a formally diagnosed disability who needs special testing arrangements must submit a written request and documentation with the application. Requests for special arrangements and supporting documentation must be submitted, at the applicant's expense, no later than July 22, 2005.

2. Receive and Verify Your Authorization To Test (ATT)
Approximately five weeks prior to the exam, all registered candidates will be mailed an "Authorization to Test" (ATT) form. The candidate must confirm that the information on the ATT is correct. If there are inaccuracies on the ATT, the candidate should contact Thomson Prometric as soon as possible (details will be provided with the ATT).

The candidate will need the ATT to schedule an appointment to take Exam 1/P. Candidates also will need to take the ATT to the test center on the day of the exam. A candidate without an ATT will not be admitted to the exam.

The ATT contains the candidate's test authorization number, candidate number, dates when the candidate may schedule the exam, and an expiration date. The examination must be scheduled on the date(s) listed on the ATT. After August 29, 2005, call (609) 720-6500 to report a lost ATT.

3. Make an Appointment at the CBT Center
To increase the likelihood of testing at the candidate's center of choice, each candidate should schedule an appointment (online or by phone) upon receiving the ATT. A list of CBT centers will be available on the Thomson Prometric Web Site and linked from the CAS, CIA, and SOA Web Sites.

  • Schedule Online
    • After receiving their ATT, candidates may schedule their test appointments on the Internet. The system allows candidates access to real-time scheduling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Canadian and U.S. candidates are able to select their preferred testing date. All candidates are able to select their preferred location, receive an immediate on-screen confirmation, and receive a follow-up e-mail confirmation of their appointment details.
    • For "Testing Program," select "CAS/CIA/SOA Exams." The opening page for scheduling your appointment will appear. Continue by following the instructions.
    • Candidates requiring special needs accommodations may not make an appointment on the Internet. Please call the Special Accommodations Department at Thomson Prometric to schedule your examination.
  • Schedule by Telephone
    • After receiving their ATT, candidates may schedule their test appointments by calling Thomson Prometric's Candidate Services Contact Center (CSCC). All telephone numbers will be provided when the ATTs are mailed.
    • Candidates requiring Special Needs Accommodations should call the Special Accommodations Department at Thomson Prometric to schedule their test appointments.
Procedures for changing or canceling a test appointment, identification requirements, a step-by-step look at "Exam Day," test center regulations, and the CBT examination discipline, are available in the "Admissions" section as well as on the CIA and SOA Web Sites.

Because of the importance of this actuarial exam, numerous security measures will be enforced during the test administrations. Strict candidate identification requirements have been established. Candidates will be observed at all times while taking the examination. This observation will include direct observation by test center staff as well as video and audio monitoring of the examination session.

The CBT version of Exam 1/P will consist of 30 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice problem includes five answer choices identified by the letters A, B, C, D, and E, only one of which is correct. Candidates must indicate responses to each question on the computer. No guessing adjustment is made to candidates' scores. Therefore, candidates will maximize their scores on this exam by answering every question. Candidates will be given three hours to complete the exam. At the end of three hours, the candidate may no longer respond to the questions. An online practice module will be linked from the CAS, CIA, and SOA Web Sites.

Grades for the September 2005 Exam 1/P will be mailed to candidates approximately six weeks after the exam administration.

Additional information is available on the CAS, CIA, and SOA Web Sites. end of article

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