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The Casualty Actuarial Society Trust affords members and others an income tax deduction for contributions of funds to be used for scientific, literary, or educational purposes. The library function of the Society is managed by the Trust. The Trust was qualified by the Internal Revenue Service on February 26, 1979, as a non-profit organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Officers of the Society serve as Trustees. As funds permit they will be made available for such uses as scholarships and research grants. The CAS Trust Scholarship Program and the Reinsurance Prize are currently funded by the Trust.

Contributions for scientific, literary, or educational purposes should be made to the "Casualty Actuarial Society Trust" to qualify for an income tax deduction.

Inquiries and contributions should be addressed to the Society's Vice President-Administration, care of the CAS Office at

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Posted on 03/23/2018
By Avraham Adler

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