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Task Force on Publications Report

June 21, 2005

To: CAS Members

From: Joanne Spalla, Vice President-Marketing and Communications

Re: Task Force on Publications Report to the CAS Board of Directors

The CAS Executive Council formed the Task Force on Publications to review current CAS publication processes and issues. Over the course of three years, the Task Force gathered information from a variety of sources to help it develop recommendations for CAS publications. For example, the Task Force reviewed the 2003 CAS Membership Survey results, conducted telephone interviews, reviewed other publications, and discussed the legal aspects of publications, among other activities.

The Task Force found that CAS publications have done a good job at serving their target audience: practicing CAS members. More importantly, however, the Task Force concluded that since the present CAS publications are written mostly by CAS members for CAS members who reside in North America, they do not position the CAS to meet its Centennial Goal to be globally recognized as the preeminent resource in educating casualty actuaries and conducting research in casualty actuarial science.

The Task Force's final report included more than 20 recommendations, addressing things such as the content of the Proceedings and Yearbook, creation of a new journal, and the future of the Forum.

The Task Force's final report was presented to the CAS Board on May 15, 2005. The Board accepted the report, dismissed the Task Force with thanks, and directed the Executive Council to implement the report's recommendations (giving consideration to the discussions at the Board meeting) and report back to the Board. The report includes a number of proposed changes to the CAS publication structure, and the Board requested that the Executive Council consider the appropriateness of each individual recommendation before proceeding to implement it.

We encourage you to review this report and we welcome your comments. You may forward comments directly to

Thank you.

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