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Management Data and Information Prize

This award is made to the authors of the best papers submitted in response to a call for data management/data quality discussion papers whenever the program is conducted by the Committee on Management Data and Information of the Casualty Actuarial Society. Papers are judged by a specially appointed review committee on the basis of originality of ideas, understandability of complex concepts, contribution to the literature, and thoroughness of ideas expressed. If no paper is considered eligible in a given year, the award shall not be made. The committee's decision will be final. Recipients need not be members of the Casualty Actuarial Society. The announcement of the award will be made at the seminar at which the papers are presented.

The amount of the Management Data and Information Prize is determined annually.

Recipients of the Management Data and Information Prize

No Program Held

No Program Held

Roosevelt C. Mosley Jr.
Social Media Analytics: Data Mining Applied to Insurance Twitter Posts

Jim Weiss and Jared Smollik
Beginner's Roadmap to Working with Driving Behavior Data

No Program Held

Louise Francis & Virginia R. Prevosto
Data and Disaster: The Role of Data in the Financial Crisis

No Program Held

Robert Neil Campbell, Louise A. Francis, Virginia R. Prevosto, Mark Rothwell, and Simon Sheaf
Dirty Data on Both Sides of the Pond

No Program Held

Louise A. Francis
Taming Text: An Introduction to Text Mining

Louise A. Francis
Dancing With Dirty Data: Methods for Exploring and Cleaning Data

Aleksey S. Popelyukhin
"The Games We Play: The Future of DFA Models' Interfaces"

No Program Held

Louise A. Francis
Martian Chronicles: Is MARS Better than Neural Networks?

No Program Held

Douglas J. Collins and Stephen P. Lowe
"A Macro Validation Dataset for U.S. Hurricane Models"

Louise A. Francis
"Neural Networks Demystified"

No Program Held

Alan E. Wickman
"Insurance Data and Intellectual Property Issues"

William Raichle
"Insurance Geographics"

Omar D. Kouatlym, Mark W. Littman, and Aleksey S. Popelyukhin
"Synchronizing Data Management Technologies to Integrate Actuarial Processes"

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