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Presidents And Vice Presidents

Year President Vice Presidents
1914-'15 *Isaac M. Rubinow *Albert H. Mowbray *Benedict D. Flynn
1916-'17 *James D. Craig *Joseph H. Woodward *Harwood E. Ryan
1918 *Joseph H. Woodward *Benedict D. Flynn *George D. Moore
1919 *Benedict D. Flynn *George D. Moore *William Leslie
1920 *Albert H. Mowbray *William Leslie *Leon S. Senior
1921 *Albert H. Mowbray *Leon S. Senior *Harwood E. Ryan
1922 *Harwood E. Ryan *Gustav F. Michelbacher *Edmund E. Cammack
1923 *William Leslie *Gustav F. Michelbacher *Edmund E. Cammack
1924-'25 *Gustav F. Michelbacher *Sanford B. Perkins *Ralph H. Blanchard
1926-'27 *Sanford B. Perkins *George D. Moore *Thomas R. Tarbell
1928-'29 *George D. Moore *Sydney D. Pinney *Paul Dorweiler
1930-'31 *Thomas F. Tarbell *Roy A. Wheeler *Winfield W. Greene
1932-'33 *Paul Dorweiler *William F. Roeber *Leon S. Senior
1934-'35 *Winfield W. Greene *Ralph H. Blanchard *Charles J. Haugh
1936-'37 *Leon S. Senior *Sidney D. Pinney *Francis S. Perryman
1938-'39 *Francis S. Perryman *Harmon T. Barber *William J. Constable
1940 *Sidney D. Pinney *Harold J. Ginsburgh *James M. Cahill
1941 *Ralph H. Blanchard *Harold J. Ginsburgh *James M. Cahill
1942 *Ralph H. Blanchard *Albert Z. Skelding *Charles J. Haugh
1943-'44 *Harold J. Ginsburgh *Albert Z. Skelding *Charles J. Haugh
1945-'46 *Charles J. Haugh *James M. Cahill *Harry V. Williams
1947-'48 *James M. Cahill *Harmon T. Barber *Russell P. Goddard
1949-'50 *Harmon T. Barber *Thomas O. Carlson *Norton E. Masterson
1951-'52 *Thomas O. Carlson *Joseph Linder *Seymour E. Smith
1953-'54 *Seymour E. Smith *Dudley M. Pruitt *John A. Mills
1955-'56 *Norton E. Masterson *Clarence A. Kulp *Arthur N. Matthews
1957-'58 *Dudley M. Pruitt *John W. Carleton *William Leslie Jr.
1959-'60 *William Leslie Jr. *Ernest T. Berkeley *L.H. LongleyCook
1961-'62 *L.H. LongleyCook *Thomas E. Murrin *Richard J. Wolfrum
1963-'64 *Thomas E. Murrin *Harold E. Curry *William J. Hazam
1965-'66 *Harold E. Curry Charles C. Hewitt Jr. *Harold W. Schloss
1967 *Harold W. Schloss *William J. Hazam *Daniel J. McNamara
1968 *William J. Hazam *Richard L. Johe *Daniel J. McNamara
1969 *Daniel J. McNamara *Richard L. Johe *LeRoy J. Simon
1970 *Richard L. Johe Charles C. Hewitt Jr. *LeRoy J. Simon
1971 *LeRoy J. Simon Charles C. Hewitt Jr. *Paul S. Liscord
1972 Charles C. Hewitt Jr. *Paul S. Liscord M. Stanley Hughey
1973 *Paul S. Liscord M. Stanley Hughey *Ronald L. Bornhuetter
1974 M. Stanley Hughey *Ronald L. Bornhuetter George D. Morison
1975 *Ronald L. Bornhuetter George D. Morison *P. Adger Williams
1976 George D. Morison *P. Adger Williams Ruth E. Salzmann
1977 *P. Adger Williams Ruth E. Salzmann W. James MacGinnitie
1978 Ruth E. Salzmann W. James MacGinnitie Jerome A. Scheibl
1979 W. James MacGinnitie Jerome A. Scheibl Steven H. Newman
1980 Jerome A. Scheibl Steven H. Newman Frederick W. Kilbourne
1981 Steven H. Newman Frederick W. Kilbourne Carlton W. Honebein
1982 Frederick W. Kilbourne Carlton W. Honebein C.K. Khury
Year ElectedPresidentPresident-Elect
1983Carlton W. HonebeinC.K. Khury
1984C.K. KhuryPhillip N. BenZvi
1985Phillip N. BenZviMichael A. Walters
1986Michael A. WaltersDavid G. Hartman
1987David G. HartmanKevin M. Ryan
1988Kevin M. RyanMichael Fusco
1989Michael FuscoCharles A. Bryan
1990Charles A. BryanMichael L. Toothman
1991Michael L. ToothmanDavid P. Flynn
1992David P. FlynnIrene K. Bass
1993 Irene K. BassAllan M. Kaufman
1994Allan M. KaufmanAlbert J. Beer
1995Albert J. BeerRobert A. Anker
1996Robert A. AnkerMavis A. Walters
1997Mavis A. WaltersSteven G. Lehmann
1998Steven G. LehmannAlice H. Gannon
1999Alice H. GannonPatrick J. Grannan
2000Patrick J. GrannanRobert F. Conger
2001Robert F. CongerGail M. Ross
2002Gail M. RossMary Frances Miller
2003Mary Frances MillerStephen P. D'Arcy
2004Stephen P. D'ArcyPaul Braithwaite
2005Paul BraithwaiteThomas G. Myers
2006Thomas G. MyersChristopher S. Carlson
2007Christopher S. CarlsonJohn J. Kollar
2008John J. KollarRoger M. Hayne
2009Roger M. HayneRalph S. Blanchard III
2010Ralph S. BlanchardPatricia Teufel
2011Patricia TeufelGary R. Josephson
2012Gary R. JosephsonWayne H. Fisher
2013Wayne H. FisherRobert Miccolis

* deceased

YearVice President-Membership
1983-'85 Wayne H. Fisher
1986-'88 Michael L. Toothman
YearVice President-Development
1983-'84 Robert A. Anker
1985 David G. Hartman
1986-'88 Charles A. Bryan
YearVice President-Programs
1983-'84 Michael A. Walters
1985-'87 Michael Fusco
1988 Richard I. Fein
YearVice President-Administration
1983-'84 *Herbert J. Phillips
1985-'87 Richard H. Snader
1988-'90 Robert F. Conger
1991-'93 John M. Purple
1994-'96 Paul Braithwaite
1997-'99 Curtis Gary Dean
2000-'02 Sheldon Rosenberg
2003-'05 Deborah M. Rosenberg
2006-'09Kenneth Quintilian
2010-Leslie Marlo
YearVice President-Admissions
1989 Michael L. Toothman
1990-'92 Steven G. Lehmann
1993-'95 John J. Kollar
1996-'98 Kevin B. Thompson
1999-'01Mary Frances Miller
2002-'04Thomas G. Myers
2005-'07 James K. Christie
2008- David L. Menning
YearVice President-Continuing Education
1989-'91 Irene K. Bass
1992-'94 David N. Hafling
1995-'97 Susan T. Szkoda
1998-'00 Abbe S. Bensimon
2001-'02 Roger A. Schultz
YearVice President-Marketing and Communications
2002-'03Roger A. Schultz
2003-'05Joanne S. Spalla
2006-'09Patricia Teufel
2010-'12Nancy Braithwaite
2013Arlie Proctor
2014-Roosevelt Mosley
YearVice President-International
1999-'01LeRoy A. Boison
2002-'03John C. Narvell
2004-'06Amy S. Bouska
2007-'09Ralph S. Blanchard
2010-'12Kris DeFrain
2013Robert F. Conger
2014-Jeffrey Courchene
YearVice President-Programs and Communications
1989 Richard I. Fein
1990-'91 Albert J. Beer
1992-'94 Alice H. Gannon
1995-'97 Patrick J. Grannan
1998-'00 David R. Chernick
2001-'02 Christopher S. Carlson
YearVice President-Professional Education
2002-'03 Christopher S. Carlson
2004-'05Beth E. Fitzgerald
2006-'09Andrew E. Kudera
2010-'12Chester Szczepanski
2013Mary D. Miller
2014Julia Stenberg
YearVice President-Research and Development
1989 Albert J. Beer
1990-'92 Allan M. Kaufman
1993-'95 Michael J. Miller
1996-'98 Robert S. Miccolis
1999-'01Gary R. Josephson
2002-'04Donald F. Mango
2005-'07 Roger M. Hayne
2008-'10Louise A. Francis
2011-Alice Underwood
YearVice President-ERM
2005-'06John J. Kollar
2007-'09Kevin G. Dickson
2010-'13Barry A. Franklin

* deceased

Other Officers

1914-'17*Claude E. Scattergood
1918-'52*Richard Fondiller
1953-'68*Albert Z. Skelding
1969-'71 *Ronald L. Bornhuetter
1972-'73 *Robert B. Foster
1974 *Robert B. Foster
1975-'77 Darrell W. Ehlert
1978-'80 David P. Flynn
1981-'82 Brian E. Scott
1974-'78 Walter J. Fitzgibbon Jr.
1979-'81 Michael A. Walters
1982 *Herbert J. Phillips
1914 *Winfield W. Greene
1915-'17 *Richard Fondiller
1918 *Winfield W. Greene
1919-'21 *Gustav F. Michelbacher
1922-'23 *Olive E. Outwater
1924-'32 *Robert J. McManus
1933-'43 *Clarence W. Hobbs
1944-'54 *Emma C. Maycrink
1955-'58 *Edward S. Allen
1959-'60 *Russell P. Goddard
1961-'64 *Harold W. Schloss
1965-'69 Matthew Rodermund
1970-'74 *Luther L. Tarbell Jr.
1975-'78 David C. Forker
1979-'81 C. K. Khury
1982 *E. Frederick Fossa
1914 *Winfield W. Greene
1915 *Richard Fondiller
1916-'21 *L. I. Dublin
1922-'24 *Edward R. Hardy
1925-'36 *William Breiby
1937-'47 *Thomas O. Carlson
1948-'50 *Samuel M. Ross
1951-'57 *Gilbert R. Livingston
1958-'69 Richard Lino
1970 *William S. Gillam
YearGeneral Chairman Examination Committee
1949-'51 *Roger A. Johnson
1952-'56 John W. Wieder Jr.
1957-'61 *William J. Hazam
1962-'68 *Norman J. Bennett
YearGeneral Chairman Education and Examination Committee
1969-'71 M. Stanley Hughey
1972-'73 George D. Morison
1974-'76 Charles F. Cook
1977-'79 Jeffrey T. Lange
1980-'82 Phillip N. BenZvi

* deceased

Syllabus of Examinations, 1915

Editor's Note

The first CAS Syllabus of Examinations appeared in the Proceedings of the CAS, Volume I, 1914-1915. Other information contained in this volume includes Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting, and Account of the First Dinner; Papers Presented November 7, 1914; Bibliographies; President's Address, February 19, 1915, "Our Problems" by I. M. Rubinow; Discussion of Papers Presented; and Review of Books and Publications.

Rules Regarding Examinations for Admission to the Society

The Council adopted on March 29, 1915, the following rules providing for the examination system of the Society:

  1. Examinations will be held on the first Wednesday and Thursday during the month of May in each year in such cities as will be convenient for three more candidates.
  2. Application for admission to examination should be made on the Society's blank form, which may be obtained from the Secretary-Treasurer. No applications will be considered unless received before the fifteenth day of March preceding the dates of examination.
  3. A fee of $5.00 will be charged for admission to examination. This fee is the same whether the candidate sits for one or two parts and is payable for each year in which the candidate presents himself. Examination fees are payable to the Secretary-Treasurer and must be in his hands before the fifteenth day of March preceding the dates of examination.
  4. The examination for Associateship consists of four parts. Not more than two parts can be taken in the same year and no credit will be given for the passing of any part unless all previous parts have been passed during the same or previous years.
  5. In the case of applicants not less than thirty years of age, who have had not less than five years' experience in actuarial or statistical work in insurance offices, the Council may, upon receipt of satisfactory evidence of general education, waive the passing of Parts I, II and III of the Associateship examination. Such applicants may thereupon become Associates by passing Part IV of the Associateship examination.
  6. Admission to Fellowship examinations is granted only to those who are associates of the Society. The examination for Fellowship is divided into two parts. No candidate will be permitted to present himself for Part II unless he has previously passed in Part I or takes Parts I and II in the same year. If a candidate takes both parts in the same year and passes in one and fails in the other, he will be given credit for the part passed.
  7. As an alternative to the passing of Part II of the Fellowship examination, a candidate may elect to present an original thesis on an approved subject relating to casualty or social insurance. Candidates electing this alternative should communicate with the Secretary-Treasurer as to the approval of the subject chosen. All these must be in the hands of the Secretary-Treasurer before the first Thursday in May of the year in which they are to be considered. Where Part I of the Fellowship examination the papers will be so arranged that will be necessary for the candidate to write on only three of the four prescribed topics in order to obtain full credit.
  8. In Part II of the Fellowship examination the papers will be so arranged that it will be necessary for the candidate to write on only three of the four prescribed topics in order to obtain full credit.
  9. Special attention is called to the following important exceptions to the above rules effective as respects the years 1915 and 1916. The first examinations of the Society will be held on Wednesday, October 6, 1915. In the case of candidates for Associateship presenting themselves at that time the passing of Parts I, II and III will be waived and the candidates will be required to take Part IV only. Examinations will be regularly held in May, 1916, but in the case of candidates for Associateship presenting themselves at that time the passing of Parts I and II will be waived and the candidates will be required to take Parts III and IV only. Commencing with 1917, candidates for Associateship will be expected to pass in all four Parts of the Syllabus.

Syllabus Of Examinations

For Enrollment As Associate

Part I:

  1. Elementary algebra up to and including the binomial theorem.
  2. Elementary plan trigonometry including the use of logarithms.
  3. Elementary plane analytical geometry.
  4. Double entry bookkeeping.

Part II:

  1. Advanced algebra.
  2. Elementary differential and integral calculus.
  3. Elementary calculus of finite differences.
  4. Theory of probability and least squares.

Part III:

  1. Compound interest and annuities-certain
  2. Theory of statistics
  3. Elements of the theory of life annuities and assurances, including the calculation of premiums and reserves for the simpler forms of policy.
  4. Elements of economics.

Part IV:

  1. Practical problems in statistics
  2. Policy forms and underwriting practice in casualty insurance, viz.: Personal accident, health, liability, workmen's compensation, fidelity, surety, plate glass, steam boiler, burglary, fly wheel, automobile, workmen's collective credit.
  3. Practical problems in insurance accounting and statistics, including the preparation of annual statements.
  4. Insurance law, including the more important statutes of the United States and Canada relating to casualty insurance.

For Admission As Fellow

Part I:

  1. Calculation of premiums and reserves for accident, sickness, workmen's compensation and other branches of casualty insurance.
  2. Inspection of risks; adjustment and settlement of claims.
  3. Investments of insurance companies.
  4. Current problems in workmen's compensation and other branches of casualty insurance.

Part II:

  1. Principles and history of social insurance.
  2. Compilation and use of census or other government statistics relating to population, mortality, invalidity, sickness, unemployment, old age and allied matters.
  3. Systems of invalidity, old age and unemployment insurance.
  4. Calculation of premiums for and valuation of pension funds.