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Case Studies: Actuaries in Nontraditional Roles

The case studies presented on this Web page are intended to seed a catalog of case studies that illustrate the evolution of the actuarial function from traditional, well-defined roles to developing roles that explore strategic and operational risks, integrated and new products, and newly identified risks, in addition to the traditional hazard and financial risks quantified by actuaries. The case studies are provided in the format of PowerPoint presentations.

In an effort to publicize the work that actuaries are performing, all actuaries are welcome to add their respective case studies to this Web page, which is maintained by the CAS External Communications Committee (ECC). Please send an e-mail to (att:ECC) if you have a case study to share, or with any feedback or comments on this Web page.

For additional background information on the ECC's initiative to publicize actuaries in nontraditional roles, click here.

Click on a Case Study below to download the PowerPoint file:

The above case studies are available in their original Power Point Presentation format. If you do not have Power Point on your computer, you will need to download the free Power Point Viewer, which is a 60.3 MB file.

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Posted on 08/19/2015
By Wesley Griffiths

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