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Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA)

The CAS is an award signatory for the Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) credential.CERA

The purpose of the CERA designation is to promote actuaries in the field of ERM. The credential will identify actuaries who meet stringent education requirements in ERM and are governed by a strong code of professional conduct.

The global CERA Web Site contains details about this international designation.

CERA Transfer Form


CERA Newsletter No 2.


Credential Requirements

The CAS requirements to qualify for the CERA designation are:

Fellows of the CAS are required to successfully complete the seminar and the ST9 exam.

Learn more by watching the recorded Webinar on CERA Requirements.

Enterprise Risk Management and Modeling Seminar for CERA Qualification

ERMM Seminar Information

The next offering of this seminar is May 3-5, 2015 in Anaheim, CA

The three main purposes of this seminar are to:

  • Discuss ERM case studies, including presentations of actual ERM applications by the instructors and group projects in which the participants work in teams to solve problems.
  • Support participants in their preparations for the ST9 exam including insights into the exam experience itself for those who have never taken a UK exam.
  • Cover ERM material not adequately addressed in the ST9 exam, particularly material that is important for applications of ERM to casualty (general) insurance situations.

Exam ST9

ST-9 Passing Candidates

Exam ST9 Information

The next administration of Exam ST9, Enterprise Risk Management Specialist Technical, will be held on April 2015. There is a special registration process for those taking Exam ST9 to fulfill the CAS CERA requirements. The Registration Deadline for the April Administration is 12 February 2015.

Individuals wishing to register online for the ST-9 Exam for CERA Qualification must have an Electronic Signature Authorization Form (ESAF) on file at the CAS Office regardless of Associate or Fellow designation.

CERA Application

CERA Transfer Form

After meeting all CAS CERA requirements, a person must submit a signed CERA application to the CAS to obtain the designation.

The application may also be used to do the following:

  • Members of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries who have completed the CAS requirements for CERA may request that the CERA designation be granted through the CIA rather than the CAS.
  • Those who completed the Society of Actuaries requirements for CERA may request that the CERA designation be granted through the CAS rather than the SOA.

Experienced Practitioner's Pathway

Class of May 2013 - Experienced Practioner's Pathway

Applications for the Experienced Practitioners' Pathway are no longer being accepted.

The CAS is happy to announce that 94 applicants were accepted to obtain their Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) certification through the Experienced Practitioners' Pathway. There were 119 applicants that were judged based on a list of ten criteria that includes a minimum of three years of substantial experience in the ERM field, experience as a risk officer for an entity or line of business, and research conducted that has resulted in practical industry ERM applications. Those who were accepted must attend a two day seminar to obtain their certification. The CAS will announce seminar dates for the spring as they become available.

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