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The CAS Institute, or iCAS, is a subsidiary of the Casualty Actuarial Society offering new credentials and specialized professional education for quantitative professionals.

iCAS specialty credentials are separate from actuarial credentials and are designed for any professional seeking specialized recognition in quantitative practice areas such as predictive analytics, data science and catastrophe model analytics. Professionals can leverage this recognition in order to enhance their skills, set themselves apart from other professionals, secure additional job duties, attract premium compensation and/or advance their careers.

The first credentials to be developed and granted by The CAS Institute will focus on predictive analytics and data science; additional credentials will follow in other areas of specialization such as catastrophe modeling, capital modeling and quantitative reinsurance analysis. The CAS has partnered with The Institutes, a leading global provider in education, to ensure that the iCAS credentialing process meets the highest standards of excellence in professional education. The CAS Institute is planned to begin offering its programs in the latter part of 2016.

In response to the high level of interest in the program, the CAS has compiled and released a set of Frequently Asked Questions about iCAS. Please check back frequently for the latest developments on The CAS Institute and its programs.


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The Staff Actuary's Blog

The CAS Institute (03/09/2016)
By Rick Gorvett
Not surprisingly, one of the many things I'm helping with, in my month-old position as CAS Staff Actuary, is the development of The CAS Institute and its credentialing programs, beginning with a data science and predictive analytics credential.

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CAS Roundtable

New CAS Institute to Offer Specialty Credentials (11//2015)
By Bob Miccolis
As I announced on November 16 at the CAS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, during the CAS Board of Directors meeting held on November 15, the Board unanimously approved the formation of The CAS Institute, which will provide credentialing and professional education for technical quantitative specialists whose work often overlaps and supports that of actuaries.

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